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Ride a Royal Enfield

Anyone can do it!

Dream of riding a Royal Enfield in the Himalayas? The legendary bom-bom-bom sound, and that 1955 feeling? You’ve come to the right place. Anyone can ride these amazing bikes with our 1-day Bullet Experience. Master this weird but wonderful machine, and head off for a spectacular ride in the mountains. It’s an exciting and challenging day, so your current riding skills determine the amount of up-front training you’ll need.

Got a license for big bikes or passed our Level 2 lesson? Are you confident through a double-apex turn with a 300m drop to the left and a truck on the right? Great, there’s no need for training, and you can swing your leg over a Royal Enfield straight away.

Are you confident riding in the Nepali traffic, and over loose surfaces? But maybe your heart skips a beat in some of the tricky corners? Our Level 2 lesson will show you how to take the turns faster, safer and smoother on twisty mountain roads. It only takes a day, and guarantees more enjoyment of your Bullet Experience. And if you rent a bike later, it reduces your chances of an accident by 90%. That’s not a misprint; 90%.

Never ridden a bike before? No problem, complete beginners can prepare for the Bullet Experience in just 2 days. Our Level 1 lesson is a stepping stone to Level 2 and then a Royal Enfield!

Want to rent a bike after the Bullet Experience? Explore Nepal in style, and take home memories and photos that will stay with you forever. We offer 2 options for riders who have demonstrated the necessary skills:

  • Bike rental includes insurance and 5* support for shorter rides.
  • Sale & buy-back deals are a great value alternative for longer trips.

We are into the safe, skilful riding of beautiful old motorcycles. People are sometimes disappointed that they can’t just turn up and rent our bikes. Sorry, but the stakes are too high. Find out why experienced riders are at the greatest risk in the bike insurance section below.

1-day Bullet Experience

Choose your favourite bike from our fleet, and ride the legend at the top of the world. Learn all about the Royal Enfield from an enthusiast, and discover expert techniques to master this cult classic. If you only have 1 chance in your life to experience the Bullet, this is it!

We’ll give you a proper introduction in our training ground before heading out on the road. Understand the de-compressor and the 2-stage starting procedure. Learn how avoid stalling. Practice left foot, rear wheel braking without skidding! Confuse yourself with right side, 1-up 3-down gear changes. Develop tricks to shift smoothly through the wildly inaccurate gearbox, and roll to a stop using the neutral selector. Not easy at the first attempt, but you’ll love it!

To the untrained eye the local traffic looks like chaos, but there is a system here. We’ll give helpful tips to make life easier, and take a leisurely ride around Pokhara to understand the Bullet’s character.

We’ll lead you along spectacular mountain roads, and share techniques to bring out the best in this antique sports machine. With a smooth, precise, fluid riding style Bullets really come alive. It’s immense fun and very rewarding. We aim to be back in Pokhara around 4pm. Just about everything is included in the price: safety equipment; insurance; petrol; lunch & drinks.


Short term rental is available for people who enjoy the peace of mind of our 5* service. Choose your favourite Bullet, fill up the tank, and head out into the hills! There’s no limit to the distance you can ride, insurance is included, and we offer a bike recovery service in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Basic tools & spares are included, plus free check-ups and servicing on request. We provide a decent helmet and gloves. We’ll give you a map, suggest possible routes and itineraries, and help with hotel bookings. There’s lots of useful information for riders, and we’re on hand for anything else you may need.

Sale & buy-back

Sale & buy-back is an innovative, hybrid deal for experienced riders on longer trips. It’s cheaper than rental, and simpler than buying a bike independently. Here’s how it works: You “buy” a bike from us and “sell” it back to us at the end of your trip. You don’t have to pay for the bike outright, and you are only charged for the days you ride. Easy!

We provide a decent helmet and gloves. Basic tools & spares are included as standard. Free servicing keeps the bike in tip-top condition and, if you run into problems, advice is only a phone call away. We’ll also give you a map, suggest possible routes & destinations, and help with hotel bookings.

So, why is it cheaper than rental? You take more responsibility when you “buy” a bike. Insurance is not included, so you will be charged for any repairs. And there’s no call-out service, so you have to manage any accidents or breakdowns.

How is it simpler than buying a bike yourself? You are assured of a quality machine that’s ready to go on day 1. Ride for as long as you like, drop in for a free service once in a while, and simply hand the bike back on your last day. You don’t have the hassle of selling it yourself. And you know exactly what it will cost from the start.

Bike insurance

Vintage Royal Enfield bikes are extremely valuable in Nepal, and our bikes are of exceptional quality. With challenging roads and an unfamiliar traffic system, there are potential risks. It’s part of the deal of riding motorcycles. We therefore provide bike damage insurance for our customers. It comes as standard with virtually all our services, and is unique for Nepal.

Insurance has a European style excess of €500 – the maximum amount you could have to pay in the event of an accident. The insurance covers any repairs above this amount. We have a fair and reasonable menu of prices for repairs, which you can check before you ride. Clear contracts ensure peace of mind and no nasty surprises for our riders.

This arrangement has proved very popular with our clients. It encourages riders to take care on the road, but provides a comforting limit to repair bills if things go wrong; it’s a financial safety net. Please note that insurance only covers damage to our bikes. It does not cover sale & buy-back bikes (you are responsible); personal injury (you should have travel insurance); or damage to other people, vehicles or property (you must pay, it’s the Nepali way).

Our insurance requires that every rider completes at least 1 day of training before riding off alone on our classic bikes. You can read more about the reasons behind our training policy here.

Riders' comments

For many clients, riding a Royal Enfield in Nepal is the realisation of a dream and the best 2-wheeled experience of their lives. We make it easy. Our training has been specifically designed for your safety and enjoyment, and is appreciated by even the most experienced riders. Our bikes set the standards, and are highly recommended by people who know what they’re talking about. And our service is second to none. Read riders’ comments here.

Prices & booking

Want to try a Royal Enfield? Have you passed our Level 2 lesson? Or are you an advanced rider with a bike license? If so, you can join the 1-day Bullet Experience straight away. Other riders will need 1-2 day’s training to prepare; see anyone can do it! for details.

Want to rent a bike after your Bullet Experience? Or ride off on a sale & buy-back bike? They’re available for anyone who has shown the necessary skills.
  Bullet Experience Rental Sale & buy-back
Price per day €100 €45 €30
Number of days 1 1-3 3+
Ride with instructor & mechanic yes no no
Bike damage insurance included yes yes no
Telephone helpline yes yes yes
Bike recovery service offered yes yes no
Petrol included yes no no
Unlimited daily mileage yes yes yes
Lunch & drinks included yes no no
Helmet provided yes yes yes
Gloves provided yes yes yes
Motorcycle jacket provided yes no no
Basic tools & spares included yes yes yes
Free bike servicing on request yes yes yes
Free map and travel advice yes yes yes


Fake licenses are impressive these days, but we can spot a fake rider at the first corner. Please remember to bring your original photo-ID license. It should be from your home country, and have a clear endorsement for big bikes. Sorry, we can’t accept scans or photocopies.

We’re in the Himalayas, so riding off-road is just too much for our antique bikes. There’s a 120kg weight limit, so it may not be possible to carry a passenger. You could suggest that they learn to ride themselves!

Please deposit your passport before you ride. Obviously, that means that you can’t leave the country on our bikes. If you wish to cross the border into India, we have a great selection of Indian-registered bikes for sale.


Anyone can ride a beautiful Royal Enfield
Master the Bullet in just 1-3 days
The weird but wonderful Bullet
5-Star service gives peace of mind in remote areas
?Great bike, great help and great times? ? Joni, Finland
Insurance covers bike repairs
?She ran like a dream. An absolute joy? - Stephen, UK
?Fantastic value for money? ? Andy, UK
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