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Experienced riders get ready!

Before it all starts we’ll meet up at our Clubhouse, get organised, and discuss the plan over dinner. Our Level 2 lesson on the first day is a “you need to know this” introduction to riding in Nepal. We’ll share advanced cornering skills to increase your average speed and keep you safe. Our Yamaha RX bikes are perfect for getting used to the road conditions, but you’ll develop a riding style that excites the Bullet. You’ll be able to go further each day in comfort, while putting less stress on your bike.

We’ll introduce you to the Royal Enfield on the second day with our 1-day Bullet experience, and go for a ride in the mountains. You can try a selection of bikes, choose your favourite, and get packing for the ride of a lifetime.

Up, up, up to 2800m

Day 3 is a relatively gentle warm-up for what’s ahead. A few hours out of Pokhara, we climb to Bandipur, a medieval trading town way up on a ridge. It’s our secret retreat, and a fabulous first stop for the tour. The next day, we get into our stride. Sweeping valley roads rise up to mountain passes as we head to Newakot, where we stay the night in a renovated farm house. Riding beside raging rivers, we begin the ascent to Daman on Day 5. It’s a challenging climb to 2800 metres through spectacular scenery. On a clear day, sunset is rewarded with the distant Mt Everest panorama.

Rollercoaster rhino ride

The rollercoaster descent to the flatlands on day 6 is simply breathtaking. Straddling Nepal’s southern border with India, Chitwan National Park is a protected reserve and World Heritage Site with incredible wildlife and natural beauty.

Day 7 is for your choice of exciting jungle activities or gentle relaxation. In the late afternoon we ride dirt tracks through the traditional Tharu communities, where mud-hut villages and farming practices haven’t changed much in 1000 years. With the sun setting over the jungle, a well-earned barbecue awaits us on the river beach.

Enfield vs Newton

We ride west on day 8, along the flatlands with views over the Indian plains. Climbing up through spectacular gorges, we stay in Tansen for 2 nights. This old hill station is the perfect base camp for a ride out into the mountains. Early the next morning, we leave the luggage behind to ride an obscure, white-knuckle road towards Tamghas. We’ll grab lunch somewhere, and return to Tansen.

Day 10 is spent scraping sides of your boots on the mind-blowing return to Pokhara. There isn’t a straight piece of road the whole way home. But there’s plenty of cold beer waiting at the Busy Bee!


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