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Guided tours

Intensive training for beginners

Day 0, before it all starts, we meet up at our Clubhouse. We’ll relax and discuss plans over dinner. Riding lessons begin the next morning. You’ll learn bike control and traffic skills with Level 1. On the second day, Level 2 will show you how to ride safely and smoothly on mountain roads. As your skills improve and your confidence builds, your average speed will increase. Top speed is irrelevant in Nepal. These skills enable you to cover bigger distances with less effort, feeling safe and relaxed.

Day 3 is for our 1-day Bullet experience and bike choice (some people may prefer to stick with a Yamaha RX). Whichever bike you choose, you’ll get some extra riding practice around Pokhara. We’ll select luggage on Day 4, and you'll have plenty of time to pack for the tour and to relax.

Across Nepal to the jungle!

Day 5 starts at 8am as we ride east to Bandipur. The ribbon of road goes 1km straight up, above the clouds to a traditional Newari town. Enjoy its beautiful architecture, preserved culture, and incredible views of the Mardi Himal mountain range. We settle in for the night.

After breakfast, we head to the jungle. The ride from Bandipur to Chitwan National Park is a winding descent to the Terai – the flatlands of Nepal. We’ll enjoy a barbecue on the beach, and discuss jungle activities for the following morning. You can look for rhino on the back of an elephant, cool off with your 2-tonne friend in the river, spot crocodiles in a dug-out canoe, or just relax at our hotel. In the afternoon, we’ll take a wonderful ride through mud-hut villages to experience the local Tharu culture.

Into the mountains

Early on Day 8 we cruise the Terai west, along the border with India. The flat landscape and fertile fields are interspersed with hectic, noisy trading towns. It’s a surreal ride. In the late afternoon we climb north to Tansen, where we stay for the night. It’s an old hill-station with panoramic views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges. We save the best ride ‘til the last day. Our triumphant return to Pokhara is along one of the most spectacular roads in the world, with thousands of corners winding around majestic gorges.


In the mountains after 2 days of training
Suddenly a Bullet seems very small
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