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Riding lessons

Anyone can learn to ride!

Literally anyone can learn with us. Level 1 is a fun introduction to bikes that starts with the absolute basics, and it’s much easier than you might think. “I didn’t even know what a clutch was!” admitted Jessamine. Her friend Ursula was on a big trip from Ireland. They took the Level 1 lesson together and had a great time. “Wow, what an amazing teacher” commented Ursula. “Rick’s instructions were so clear, and I’m amazed how quickly things come together”. Jessamine now wants to start a bike club at her university!

Jacob, Ursula’s 7 year old son, came along for a ride into the mountains. He pleaded with his mum to let him learn too. Having once been a 7 year old himself, Rick agreed to teach him. Jacob was brilliant. He couldn’t even touch the floor, but rode a 135cc Yamaha around the campsite like a future Grand Prix star. “I can’t recommend these lessons enough” said his Mum afterwards.

An unforgettable experience

Three sisters from Kenya were in Nepal on an action-packed adventure holiday. Finding themselves with a spare day, they were recommended Hearts & Tears by a friend. Even though they had never driven a car, they signed up for a family Level 1 lesson.

All 3 were excited, but slightly nervous at the start of the day. That soon changed; they were riding around solo on a custom bike. Very, very cool indeed. “This has really made our trip!” said Farhana. “Not only did we learn something new, but we had lots of fun. Moniek made it seem so easy!”. “Wow” wrote Masima. “An unforgettable experience - I’d definitely tell to anyone who comes to Nepal to do this”. “Our best experience yet!” agreed Sakina.

Girls make great riders

Many girls have been hiding a burning desire to ride. Deep inside, they know they can do it, and want to show the guys what they’re made of. Skilful riding is nothing to do with muscles or bravery; it is pure technique, and we can show you how.

Julie and her friend Jennifer were classic biker chicks. They just didn’t know it yet. One wanted to prove something to her biker boyfriend, the other wanted to prove something to herself. They rode superbly, and were thrilled with their success. “Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m shaking” said Julie as she took off her helmet. “Not because I’m hurt or scared, but because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long. And today was the day! Level 1 is amazing; if I was staying longer I’d do it all. Amazing instructor, amazing bikes, amazing place to learn and ride”.

A fast-track to advanced skills

Many of our Level 1 graduates progress to bigger and better things. Our unique programme offers a fast-track to advanced riding skills, Royal Enfield thrills, or foreign bike adventures. And our prices are a fraction of inferior courses in the West.

David from Australia arrived with no experience, but big biking ambitions. He loved Level 1. “Thanks for a truly great day. Your structured approach was perfect. I was able to take in everything, and put the skills into practice without hesitation.” Level 2 was even better. “I cannot believe the difference today made to my riding” he said, “I feel so much more confident, and so much more in control of the bike. I am now well and truly addicted.”

The realisation of a dream

Two Swedish guys turned up at the shop one day. They wanted to learn everything they could about bikes. And we mean everything - Level 1 & 2, mechanics lessons, Level 3 private tuition, and two guided tours of Nepal. They even asked for a lesson in traffic skills during rush-hour in Kathmandu! And then they rode off to India.

“We knew nothing about motorbikes when we first came to Hearts & Tears” wrote Anton. “Two weeks later we were able to ride, wherever we wanted, all over Nepal and India. A dream had come true.” “We travelled through Nepal and India for 5 months” added Joel. “The absolute highlight was the time we spent with Rick & Moniek riding around Nepal. And best of all, it’s cheap as hell!”

Bullet miracles for beginners

Liv was volunteering in Kathmandu. Her Dad, Anders, came over from Denmark.
He was a highly experienced rider, who had spent decades with classic bikes. Liv wanted to learn to ride, so Anders encouraged her to train with Hearts & Tears.
She took Level 1, and was soon riding around on the roads of Pokhara.

Anders was open to new ideas and itching for a ride on a Bullet. So father and daughter took Level 2 together. Despite his wealth of knowledge, Anders picked up lots of new techniques. They rented a couple of Bullets, and went for a week-long ride around Nepal.

“Rick & Moniek work miracles!” enthused Liv on her return to Pokhara. “I can recommend this to everyone! They get people on the road in 1 day, feeling confident and safe. They give very professional lessons, honest advice, and the confidence to hit the roads right away! I couldn’t have done it without their excellent guidance. The Bullets are so cool, and it is an amazing way to get around Nepal!”

“After 7 days on the road, we have nothing but good things to say about the amazing Bullets!” said Anders, with a beaming smile. “We enjoyed every minute. Smooth riding, thanks to Rick’s level 2 tricks. It has been the coolest experience. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!”

The coolest way to travel ever!

Frederick learned really quickly, and was soon ready to head off out on another Royal Enfield adventure with Liv. A week later, they returned to the shop covered in dust.

 “After some serious driving and FUN with the Bullets we are exhausted! We’ve seen everything we wanted and way more. But most importantly it has been the coolest way to travel ever! We both started from scratch with no motorcycle skills whatsoever. But with brilliant professional advice and training, we reached a level where we were able to ride safely on our own around Nepal. It’s been a fantastic trip, and the bikes are way cool!”

Keep it between the hedges!

Qualified, experienced riders can benefit greatly from our advanced lessons - especially when it comes to corners. Our scientific approach to riding has been gleaned from a wide range of sources. Some skills are derived from the race track. Others “borrowed” from Police riders. All the techniques have been proven on multi-country bike adventures. We show stuff that is not taught on any bike test - and it leads directly to faster, safer, smoother road riding.

James, on a round-the-world trip from the UK, arrived on his Triumph Tiger. Even though he’d made it half way around the planet, he went out for a ride and some private coaching with Rick. After the first exercise, literally within 10 minutes, his entire riding technique had changed. “Cornering will never be the same again” he said, “Keep it between the hedges!” James hung out with us for a while. “Pokhara might have been just another place on my itinerary if I hadn’t been welcomed into your little biking fraternity so warmly” he wrote on his last day. Then he climbed on stage with the band and belted out “Creep” by Radiohead. Absolute Class!

More smiles for Bullet owners

Kobi had a bike license in Israel. He bought himself a Royal Enfield in Kathmandu and rode to Pokhara. It was quite different to riding at home. “The road was stunning and incredible, but I spent 200km in fear - just trying to survive” he said, breathing a sigh of relief. He met Rick at the workshop, and decided to take Level 2. It changed everything for him. “Honestly, I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation” he wrote afterwards. “For only a little money in western terms, they taught me safe riding, proper bike control and tips that helped me on the rest of my journey. If you want to ride a motorbike, listen to what Rick has to offer”.

Don't fight the laws of physics

Darwin had a bike license and had been riding for years. During Level 2, Rick explained how the laws of physics make motorcycles behave as they do. Either you work with a bike, or you lose the fight against Newton’s laws. Darwin had an unusually detailed understanding of technical matters. “Are you an engineer?” asked Rick. “Airline pilot” replied Darwin. Pilots go through some of the best professional training in the world. Even so, Darwin was impressed with the quality of our lessons. “Best course that I have ever taken” was a huge compliment. “I knew nothing about riding bikes before, even though I owned one for years. Rick clearly enjoys his work.”

100% better in 1 day

Shaun is the proud owner of a Suzuki V-Strom in Canada. Our Yamahas only have about one tenth the power of his bike, but he loved “the old-school thrill of riding a 2-stroke through the fantastic scenery” Our lesson changed the way he thought about motorcycling. “Rick improved my riding by about 100%”, he smiled. “I have been riding for many years, but I feel much faster and more confident. I heartily recommend this to riders of all skill levels”. His 3 daughters are now wearing Club t-shirts. Advertising doesn’t get any better than that!

Exceptional training for ex-pats

John, the First Secretary of the US Embassy, wrote “Exceptional training, first rate instruction, great experience” after his lessons, and bought a Royal Enfield to enjoy at weekends. “Great teachers” said Elisabeth. “Totally awesome” was Stephany’s assessment. “Love the experience - thank you for such a fun and professional ride.”

“Fantastic! Awesome! Wonderful!” was the feedback from Carolyn, Konstantin & Darsi. Susan was equally impressed with her own progress “I am amazed a neophyte can ride a bike in 4th gear down the twisty roads above Pokhara!” she said.


?Wow, an unforgettable experience? ? Masima, Kenya
?A dream had come true? ? Anton & Joel, Sweden
?Rick & Moniek work miracles!? ? Liv, Denmark
?The coolest way to travel ever!? ? Frederick, Denmark
?Cornering will never be the same again? ? James, UK
?Honestly, I cannot express my gratitude? ? Kobi, Israel
?Best course that I have ever taken? ? Darwin, USA
?Rick improved my riding by about 100%? ? Shaun, Canada
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