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Riding lessons

Private coaching

If you are planning to take your big-bike license, we can help you pass you test quicker, easier and cheaper when you get home. Go beyond the basic requirements by learning skills such as traffic management, wet weather techniques, night riding, and how to carry a passenger.

Many riders come to India and Nepal just to experience the iconic Royal Enfield. Back in 1955, it was a sports bike; a cutting edge performance machine. Technology and riding styles have changed beyond recognition in half a century, but the Bullet is caught in a time-warp. We can show you techniques to make your bike sparkle, and give you even more enjoyment.

Adventure riders heading off to India or around the world may want to work on trip preparation and pre-ride checks, loading luggage, off-road skills, river crossings, defensive city riding, surviving a desert, or ways to increase your stamina for long journeys.

Fast road riders may be interested to learn how to accelerate harder into the turns using vanishing points, how to change direction later and faster with counter steering, strategies for difficult corners, clutchless gear changes for faster acceleration, high speed over-taking, or suspension set-up to get the feel you want.

Aspiring sports riders might learn different lines to over-take the rider in front, how to brake deeper into corners and pick the bike up faster out of the turn, experiment with body position, understand why wheelies and knee sliders slow you down, how to avoid tank-slappers, high-sides & low-sides, or develop calm aggression to defeat adrenaline.

Whatever your wishes, we’ll discuss your ideas in advance and develop a programme to rapidly improve your riding skills. The day involves a long ride into the mountains, following a beautiful route that suits your particular needs. Normally we teach on our Yamaha bikes, but Bullets are possible if you have previous 1-up, 3-down experience. Other bikes are welcome too.


Nepal to Bangladesh: Mikey had many rivers to cross
Craig in Afghanistan, en route to England
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