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Faster, safer, smoother

The tests to get a bike license only cover the absolute basics of road safety. Unfortunately, cornering skills are not even addressed. This means that the vast majority of riders, even with years of experience, are slowing themselves down, exposing themselves to danger, and missing out on a lot of fun.

Many people buy a Royal Enfield to explore Nepal and India. It’s a great way to travel. However, most riders have little or no formal bike training, and just make it up as they go. That’s fine, but there’s a sporting side to this legendary machine that very few people ever discover. We can make your smile even wider in just 1 day.

At 8:30am we ride into the mountains on our custom Yamaha training bikes. With only 12hp, technique is everything. Get it right, and they zip through the bends. Their sharp handling and crisp throttle response bring out the best in riders. You can use your own Bullet (or any other bike) for the lesson if you prefer.

Rick analyses your road position and throttle (gas) control through the bends. We find a challenging corner, and discuss the causes and effects of your current technique. Rick will dismantle your riding style, and work on different elements of it piece by piece. The day is action-packed full of structured exercises that defy instincts and common sense, using techniques in exact opposition to what most riders have learned before. But they really work.

You’ll discover 2 rules to find the magic line for fast road riding. Incredibly, the quickest line is also the safest. Practice linking complex corners together, and understand why downhill bends cause problems for many riders. Learn why you should accelerate into a bend, not out of it. Push deeper into each corner, and turn later than other riders. Lean less, not more, to turn faster. And maximise your traction by getting on the gas earlier and more aggressively. After a late lunch we begin to re-assemble your riding style. The journey back to Pokhara will be a completely different experience, and you’ll pick up more advanced riding tips along the way.

The Royal Enfield loves this fluid riding style, but the techniques transfer directly to any bike. If you’re joining the 1-day Bullet Experience, one of our guided tours, or planning Bullet rental, you will be rewarded. Carrying higher corner speeds in higher gears, average speeds are dramatically increased. You also put far less stress on the engine, massively reducing your chances of a breakdown. High performance riding will actually feel slower and more relaxed. It’s amazing.


?Rick is the Obi-wan Kenobi of motorcycling? ? Tim, UK
Find the magic line for fast road riding
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