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Riding lessons

Bike control & traffic skills

Starting at 8:30am, away from the traffic, Moniek will explain how your motorcycle works. Step by step, starting with simple exercises, you’ll build your bike control skills. Our structured course achieves impressive results. You’ll soon be riding around, up and down, through the gears, on and off the brakes, and around different obstacles. By mid-afternoon you should feel relaxed, confident, and in complete control of your bike. You’ll learn skills (and horn signals!) to manage traffic, people and animals. And when you’re ready, we’ll go for a ride around the lake.

Nepal is bike friendly, and our training bikes are small, light and easy to handle. However, we teach the control techniques and traffic discipline as if it were a big bike. This enables our students to develop exceptional skills, progress directly to Level 2, or even ride a Royal Enfield! Level 1 typically finishes around 3-4pm.


Our structured approach achieves amazing results
A comprehensive introduction - David & Angela, Australia
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