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Riding lessons

Himalayan bike school

This is the best place in the world to learn to ride motorcycles. Practice new techniques in the planet’s most spectacular training ground. Learn skills for life from highly experienced instructors, ride a Royal Enfield, and leave with amazing memories of Nepal that will last forever.

Our three intensive 1-day lessons are not available anywhere else. The skills we teach are aligned with, and exceed, European bike test requirements. You can join at any level if you have the appropriate ability and experience. Our structured programme develops riders to an extremely high standard, very quickly, and offers incredible value for money. Each lesson is limited to 3 riders to guarantee high quality, personal attention.

  • Level 1 – bike control and traffic skills for beginners.
  • Level 2 – faster, safer, smoother road riding for intermediate riders.
  • Level 3 – private coaching for experienced riders with advanced skills.

Is your heart set on riding the legendary Royal Enfield? Anyone can do it! You can join our 1-day Bullet experience after completing Level 2. There’s no better way to master this iconic bike. You’ll then be fully prepared to rent a classic Bullet and head out on your own!

Ex-pat weekends offer fun-filled motorcycle lessons for small groups of diplomats, NGOs or volunteers. Escape from the office, learn new skills, and perhaps develop a new hobby (or addiction!).

Level 1

Professional bike training in the West often seems expensive, time consuming, difficult, and just too much hassle. For any number of reasons, the opportunity may have just passed you by. Now there is no excuse! This 1-day introduction is open to everyone. If you can ride a bicycle, you’re ready to give it a try!

Moniek will introduce you to the pleasures of motorcycling, and share her 20-country riding experience. You’ll develop excellent control of your motorcycle, and learn essential skills to deal with the traffic. Even if you never take another lesson, you will be much better and safer than a typical rider. You’ll feel confident to rent small bikes on your travels, and enjoy the incredible freedom this brings.

Our retro style Yamaha bikes inspire confidence and are great fun to ride. You’ll be amazed how much you can achieve in a day. Level 1 has been hugely successful, and earned us a recommendation in the Lonely Planet. Be careful, though; riding is such a buzz that most students immediately sign up for Level 2!

Level 2

Anyone can twist a throttle in a straight line. Quick, fluid, precise riding down a mountain road takes real skill and lots of practice. It is all about technique through the turns. Rick trained as a racer with the California Superbike School. He’ll explain the science (and expose many myths) of performance road riding.

You’ll learn why instincts and common sense put you in danger, and why car driving skills make you slower through the turns. Intensive exercises, “wow, really?” techniques, and 80 kilometers of continuous corners will change the way you think about motorcycling. You’ll be faster, safer and smoother. You’ll be sharp and disciplined, and able to cover greater distances each day with less effort. At higher speeds, the feeling will be wonderfully calm and controlled. 

This high impact, 1-day course will blow you away. The course is perfect for Level 1 graduates, self-taught riders, or anyone with a big-bike license looking to sharpen their skills. If you progress to the 1-day Bullet Experience, or own a Royal Enfield yourself, the bike’s hidden performance will be revealed.

Level 3

There is no faster, more effective way to improve your riding. Private coaching focuses on your particular areas for improvement, and you have the total attention of your instructor for the day. First, we listen. Maybe you plan to take your bike license at home? Want to get more pleasure from your Royal Enfield? Perhaps you’re heading off to India or around the world by bike? Looking to sharpen your road technique? Or are you an aspiring sports or track rider?

We’ll identify your particular objectives and issues, and write a “wish list” for the day. Things you want to do better, problems you’d like to fix. Focussing on the skills that will give you the most benefit, we’ll design a programme just for you. Due to the individual nature of the training, Level 3 is usually reserved for single riders. However, couples or small groups of friends are welcome if they have common objectives for the day.

Ex-pat weekends

Our ex-pat weekends have been specifically designed for diplomats, NGOs and volunteers. Escape from Kathmandu, fly over Friday afternoon, and enjoy a fun-filled weekend in lovely Pokhara. Learn to ride with your family or colleagues, and be back at the office on Monday.

Our lessons open up other opportunities: custom bikes are available for rental; you can explore Nepal on one of our guided tours; or try a new hobby and hang out with a different circle of people. The whole weekend is yours, so we can tailor it to your wishes. Maybe you plan to arrive on Saturday morning, or leave on Sunday afternoon. No problem. If you want a bit less motorcycling to squeeze in a paragliding flight, just let us know.

Licenses & the law

Legally, you should hold a driving license to ride a motorcycle in Nepal. If you can drive a car, your license is fine, and your 4-wheel experience will also make the lesson easier. International driving permits are nice to have, but not essential.

If you don’t have any license at all, we are happy to teach you to ride. We believe this is a responsible policy. A well trained rider is infinitely safer than a self-taught one, regardless of what license they hold. If you don’t learn with us, the chances are that you’ll rent a small bike locally anyway. It’s very easy to ride badly, or pick up bad habits from friends, and that’s what most people do. It often ends in tears. We would rather show you the right way, even if it bends the rules.

However, the law is the law, and we cannot be held responsible for your actions. Sometimes there are checkpoints on the road. If the Police catch you riding without a license, you may have to pay a €2 fine. This figure could be higher if you are involved in an accident.

Riders' comments

Hundreds of beginners, from all over the world, have been thrilled to ride a motorcycle for the very first time. Many have progressed to higher levels and ridden around Nepal on a Royal Enfield. Others have passed their bike test back home. Bullet owners have awakened the sporting side of their bike. Clients from various Embassies, the British Army, the UN, and a broad spectrum of NGOs have been inspired by new skills and experiences of the country. And advanced riders, with years of experience, have totally transformed their riding technique.

Many riders describe our lessons as the absolute highlight of their trip to Nepal. Learning to ride properly, at the top of the world, is a dream come true. All our riders have great stories to tell, and have filled our guestbook with wonderful references. Read a selection of their comments here.

Prices & booking

Lesson Number of days Number of riders Price per rider
Level 1 1 1-3 €90
Level 2 1 1-3 €110
Level 3 1 1-3 €145
Ex-pat weekends 2 2-4 €180


Just about everything is included in the price: bike, instruction, petrol, safety equipment, insurance, lunch and drinks. Ride your own bike and receive 10% discount. Larger groups can be accommodated with advance warning.

You should wear strong trousers & boots or training shoes. Bring sunglasses, sun-cream and your camera - and don't forget your passport. Demand is high, especially during peak season, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Riding a motorcycle gives you wings!
Better than learning in a supermarket car park!
Faster, safer and smoother on twisty mountain roads
Phil rode 16,000km home to Germany!
?Exceptional training? -  John, First Secretary, US Embassy
?There?s no better introduction to biking? ? Aidan,  Ireland
Epensive? No, it's worth more! - Ursula, Ireland
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