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About us

Who we are

Hearts & Tears is an adventure tourism business, far removed from the common perception of biker gangs. We’re passionately into vintage bikes, skilled riding, and 2-wheeled adventures. Our clients are a diverse group of people from all over the world; highly skilled riders; complete beginners; an equal mix of girls and boys; from 7 years old to 67 years young. Everyone’s welcome. If you like what we do, come and ride with us too.

It’s is a very personal business, and we deal 1:1 with every customer. Moniek runs the company, teaches new riders, and supports our tours. Rick teaches the advanced lessons, guides tours, and manages all the technical stuff.

Legal matters

Hearts & Tears is a Private Limited company, registered with the Government of Nepal (Permanent Account Number 302486218), and guaranteed by the Nepal Tourism Office. We are the only legally operating company of our kind, and we reside full-time in Pokhara. We are proud to say:

  • We are a legally established motorcycle tours company
  • Our license allows us to operate throughout Nepal
  • We work legally with business visas
  • Our bikes are Nepali-registered, taxed and insured
  • We only employ Nepali people
  • We pay corporate and income taxes
  • All the money we earn stays in Nepal

History and achievements

In 2004, Rick rolled into Nepal on an old Bullet. Since then, Hearts & Tears has grown rapidly year-on-year despite a difficult political and economic climate. Hundreds of exhilarated riders, many with no previous riding experience, have made life-changing motorcycle journeys.

We’ve introduced a completely new concept in adventure tourism, which adds to the mix of unusual and exciting things to do in Pokhara. It brings new people to Nepal, and encourages people who are already here to stay a little longer. The Bullet scene we have created is loved by locals and tourists alike, and has put Pokhara firmly on the map as one of the centres for Royal Enfield enthusiasts in Asia.

Hearts & Tears provides jobs and opportunities for many people, both directly and indirectly. And having fun with motorcycles injects desperately needed cash into the Nepali economy. We’ve raised the technical standards, producing a stream of unique, beautiful bikes. Our lessons have improved road safety, and given more riding pleasure at the same time.

We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved, and are delighted to have received widespread recognition and applause from the national press and the Lonely Planet. The future’s bright; but you’re welcome to read more about our history.

Our business principles

Hearts & Tears is run by riders, for riders. We pride ourselves on giving outstanding individual service and superb value for money. We set the standards, and continually work to improve our business. We deal directly and professionally with every customer or tour organiser. We don’t work with agents. This means we always keep our promises, and clients don’t get misled by some non-riding commission hunter.

Our company is built on reputation. Because we don’t do anything else, we can focus on doing things right for every rider. It’s simple, old-fashioned customer service, and the majority of our clients come back for more than one activity. There’s no better advertising than a happy customer, and we get a large proportion of our new business on recommendation.

We have an unbeatable business model - we’re not in it for the money! We gave up good jobs, nice houses and all that stuff to do something positive and rewarding. However, this is no charity. We actively promote private enterprise and tourism as the only viable alternatives to the vicious circle of poverty created by foreign aid. Hearts & Tears is proud to be a real business.

It’s great that you will come here and spend your money; you will be made very welcome. Many of our clients are interested in ethical tourism; they want to understand how their hard-earned money is spent, where it goes, and whether it’s having a positive or negative impact. When you ride with us all your money stays in Nepal. We contribute to the local economy every day of the year. Ride with us, and you directly create jobs in Nepal. We give steady employment and opportunities for local people. By raising the standards, they learn new skills which stay with them for life. So, don’t be selfish, ride a Royal Enfield and make others happy!

Busy Bee Caf

Busy Bee Café is the most famous, loudest rock & roll venue in Pokhara. We’re right in the heart of Lakeside, and there’s something for everyone: a big, colourful jungle garden; lake views from the terrace; pool tables; a cocktail bar; all day and late night food; a dance floor; and live music every night from the best local bands. Hearts & Tears is tucked away inside. You’ll usually find us at the bar after the shop closes. “Rock & roll stops the traffic” said St. Bono. Amen.


Rick & Moniek without helmets
The bike that started it all
Hearts & Tears is famous in Nepal
?A great operation, doing things the right way? - Tynan, Canada
Fun times at the Busy Bee Caf
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