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Global bike adventures

Dreaming of long distance bike adventures? Exploring exotic countries by motorcycle? Do it. Life will never be the same again. We’ve prepared countless riders for trips around Nepal, India and the world. And we’re here for you.

Planning an epic ride home on a Royal Enfield? You’ve come to the right place. No bike license, or on a budget? Read amazing stories of round-the-world journeys by complete beginners!

You’ll find the clearest explanation anywhere of the Carnet de Passage. There’s also a mine of information, advice and opinions about multi-country riding. We’ve spent years on the road, so we offer tips on everything from bikes and equipment to packing and paperwork. We hope all this will inspire you to head out on the 2-wheeled journey of your lifetime.

Ride the world on a Royal Enfield

Yes, it’s possible to ride a Royal Enfield all the way home! It’s an unusual choice of machine for a global bike adventure, but our wealth of experience will dramatically improve your chances of success. We’ll help you find a decent bike; introduce you to reliable mechanics; teach you maintenance; help you buy tools & spares; show Bullet-specific riding techniques; and share adventure riding skills to cover bigger distances each day in safety.

The paperwork may seem daunting at first, but our knowledge and contacts make the preparation easier, faster and cheaper. We’ll help you get the bike registered in your name; support your Carnet application; and show legal ways to reduce the deposit by up to 70%.

You can check out bikes for sale online, but as a rough guide a new Bullet costs around €4000 in Nepal; a second-hand one about €2000 (yes, it’s more expensive than in India). The total charge for our services is €400. You could be packed, prepared, and ready to go within a month.

Ride home on a Yamaha RX

Anyone can ride around the world by motorcycle, even complete beginners! This mind-blowing concept is unique to Hearts & Tears. It all started back in 2006. Craig fantasised about riding from Nepal to England. He had no license, zero riding experience, no mechanical skills, and a tight budget. Hecklers laughed, critics said it was impossible, but we loved the idea.

Craig originally wanted to make the trip on a Royal Enfield but had concerns about price, reliability, and getting stopped by the Police in Europe. He tried our custom built Yamaha RX training bikes, and his plans changed overnight. With a 100cc or 135cc engine, they can be ridden in most countries with a car driving license. Based on one of Asia’s most popular bikes, they’re very economical to buy. Simplicity is a virtue in remote areas, and they’re very, very strong.

We built him “Firestarter” from scratch. He rode across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and most of Europe before blowing his piston in Austria. We posted him the spare parts, and he finished his trip. With Craig’s input, we perfected the design. His story inspired more riders to make the trip of a lifetime - none which had any previous experience.

OK, only extraordinary (some would say crazy) people could take on such a challenge, but it can be done. If this excites you, we’ll provide a custom built, retro-styled Yamaha RX with luggage; our Level 2 riding lesson; Level 3 adventure riding techniques; mechanics lessons; tools & spares for the trip; advice on safety kit; and help to minimise the price of your Carnet de Passage. The total price for the bike and all these services is €1900. Order your RX two months in advance and it’ll be waiting here when you arrive. You should be able to ride out of Nepal about 4 weeks later. How cool is that?

The Carnet de Passage

To ride around the world, or make the ultimate journey home, you’ll probably need a Carnet de Passages en Douanes; this translates roughly as a customs document for transit. Basically, it’s a yellow “passport” for your bike. The Carnet is not well understood. There’s a lot of inaccurate and misleading information around. Sadly, this confusion discourages many people from setting off on multi-country bike adventures. We aim to change all that.

In clear, simple terms we explain how the Carnet system works; why foreigners cannot get one for an Indian-registered bike; the pricing structure and payment methods; and how to get a Carnet for a Nepali-registered bike. We also offer administrative advice and support for anyone starting their bike trip from Nepal.

Riders' comments

When it comes to global motorcycle adventures, Hearts & Tears is in a class of one. Anyone, even motorcycle virgins, can ride around the world. We help riders realise their dreams and set off on life-changing motorcycle journeys. See what they have to say about our bikes, service, advice and training.

Read the incredible story of a guy who rode 20,000 km just to have a cup of tea with his mum. Find out why a 135cc Yamaha is the perfect bike to escape from prison, and not look like an alien. Learn how to find accommodation in the mountains of Kurdistan, and what to do if you’re lost in the fog of northern India. Discover how to survive on dried fruits and cigarettes and, if you get really hungry, how to get a gang of bad-ass bikers to hand over their food and money.

Advice & opinions

Heading out on a motorcycle adventure? Is the planning and preparation making your head spin? We’ve explored lots of countries by bike and set many people up for epic overland journeys. Life on the road has taught us some unusual lessons. If you’re sick of the Long Way Round, this is the cure.

  • Find out why:You’ll never feel lonely with the Lonely Planet
  • You should walk upstairs and see what David Beckham is wearing this season.
  • The seaside is crap, but a beach towel is better than GPS
  • A Yamaha RX can kick the ass of a dirt bike on steroids - and not get arrested
  • Riding a Bullet in India turns pacifists into serial killers, and sends hippies to heaven
  • It’s easier to get into a fight down the pub than in a battle zone
  • Guerrilla tactics make camping cheaper
  • The postman can help you lose weight, but it’s better to visit new countries after a hearty breakfast
  • Soap & water is better than an alarm & immobiliser, but a photo album is more useful than a phrase book

Are you an experienced overland rider? Maybe you’ve got some tips to share? If you’re new to bike adventures, what are the questions that keep you awake at night? Please send us feedback, questions or suggestions. We’ll dedicate new pages to common themes.


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