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Get your hands dirty

A little technical knowledge of the Royal Enfield makes life on the road safer, easier and more enjoyable. In this section we share our technical understanding to make your whole Bullet experience more fulfilling and rewarding. Get your hands dirty with our 1-day mechanics lesson. Learn to find, maintain, fix or improve your Bullet, and save yourself a small fortune!

Read the advice and opinions of Royal Enfield experts on a wide range of technical matters. Compare old and new model bikes; weigh up the merits of 350cc and 500cc engines; learn why Bullets go wrong; and find out what you can do to improve the reliability of your bike.

Search for the best mechanics across Nepal and India, compare their ratings, and read what other riders think of their work. There’s also an opportunity to share your experience of Royal Enfield workshops.

Mechanics lessons

Develop a basic technical understanding of motorcycles in just 1 day. We focus on the Royal Enfield, but discuss all kinds of bikes. Learn how to tell a good Bullet from a bad one. Maintain, service, repair, and improve your bike. Make it faster, more reliable and comfortable. Feel confident riding alone in remote places. Set yourself up with tools & spares, and learn how to deal with common breakdowns. And save a lot of money, too.

Rick is the teacher. He was an engineer with famous automotive and aerospace companies. On the race track, he learned how to do things right. As a Bullet enthusiast, he’s dealt with most things than can go wrong! He’ll start right at the beginning, and assumes no previous knowledge. The mechanics lesson costs €90 including lunch, drinks and dirty hands.

Advice & opinions

Royal Enfield bikes are our life. We teach people of all abilities to ride them better. We run guided tours all over Nepal. We buy bikes, re-build them, and sell them on again. Over the years, we’ve encountered thousands of problems, so here we offer technical advice and opinions. Find out why: 

  • the old models are so bad they’re good
  • technical advancements are a backwards step
  • the new models may not survive in the modern world
  • good riders are faster on a slower bike
  • both factory and owner share the blame for reliability issues
  • crying at the side of the road is easily avoided

This resource is new, but we aim to develop it into a Bullet encyclopaedia. Please contact us with your technical questions, and we’ll dedicate new sections to popular issues. If you’re a mechanic or technical expert, please send us ideas, suggestions, facts and opinions. We also want to learn, and pass that knowledge on.

Mechanic Database

Looking for a good workshop? In the past, finding a good Bullet mechanic was often a matter of luck. Some mechanics really know their stuff, give prompt service, and charge a fair price. Others are incompetent, lazy cheats who rip off riders (especially tourists) with no care for tomorrow. Our mechanic database allows you to:

  • search for mechanics across India and Nepal
  • compare their ratings
  • read what riders have said about the quality, speed and price of their work
  • contact your chosen workshop directly

Want to share your views on a workshop? Upload your comments -good or bad- about mechanics who have worked on your Royal Enfield. Your views are very powerful. The best mechanics will get more business; bad ones will regret their mistakes; and your fellow Bullet riders will be able to make better choices. So, please, take a little time to:

  • tell us who you are
  • describe the work done by a mechanic
  • give your opinions of the quality, speed and price of their service


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