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About us


Moniek was born in the Netherlands in 1972. She graduated from business school, and became a sales manager with big players in the telecoms and IT industry. Sports were always a big part of her life. She enjoyed gymnastics, classical ballet, scuba diving, and cycling holidays.

Backpacking fulfilled her love for travel, and enabled her to go diving in warmer, more tropical destinations. It was on a diving holiday in Thailand that she met Rick, who was on a multi-country motorcycle tour. He taught her to ride, and they explored the island on a couple of 125cc Hondas. Moniek absolutely loved the experience, and had found a new hobby. She went back to Holland, trained for her motorcycle license, and passed at her first attempt.

Bikes, for Moniek, are about freedom to travel. She dreamed of riding through beautiful, natural scenery; to experience how people, societies and culture change as you cruise through their lands. As fate would have it, Rick returned to Europe and dropped by to see her. They decided to go off exploring to improve her riding skills and try out different types of bike. Her first big trip was to Germany on a Yamaha 600 Fazer. It was great, but didn’t suit her style. Lots of different bikes tried, and failed, to win her heart before she found her beloved BMW 650GS Dakar.

Rick had been developing the idea of starting a business in Nepal with vintage bikes. The Dutch winter was approaching, so they flew out to Pokhara to decide if the idea had any chance of becoming a reality. The Royal Enfield made her smile on long rides around the Himalayas. She loved the exotic culture and incredible scenery. The business plans looked interesting; despite the armed conflict in Nepal at that time.

Moniek had reached one of those decision points in life. They returned to Holland, and rode off through the Balkans and the Middle East to think things over. What to do? She folded her job, apartment, everything, to set up a motorcycle business in Nepal.


Rick was born in London in 1970, and was into bikes from a very early age - much to the distress of his mum. As a boy, his dad took him to watch the incredible skills of trials riders in local competitions. His first motorcycle experience was on a mini-motocross bike around a circuit marked out with hay bales. 2-wheeled machines would come to dominate his life.

Rick became a fanatical BMX rider. He was a reasonable racer, but had a real talent for the tricks and jumps of freestyle competition. Later, he progressed to long distance cycling and mountain biking.

He graduated with a MSc. in engineering and, in 1994, designed a factory to produce bespoke bicycles from a menu of options. This pioneered “mass customisation” in the UK, and he became a management consultant specialised in the field. Two years later, he was bought out by one of the world’s biggest business advisory firms. He travelled the globe, helping the bosses of major companies with all kinds of strategic issues and climbed high up the corporate ladder.

Sports bikes were Rick’s distraction from the stresses of work. He’s got a thing for v-twins. His first laps of a race track opened his eyes to the mind-blowing skills of quick riders. It was a very humbling experience. His teacher showed some basic techniques, and he was hooked. He’s been coached by professional racers on European race tracks, and by supremely talented ex-Police riders on road techniques. He went on to train with the California Superbike School which has produced many World Champions.

Disenchanted with board room behaviour, he decided to give it all up and set off on a long ride to nowhere in particular. A year on a Honda CB1300 led to 2 years on a KTM 950 Adventure. A business idea began to crystallise when he rode a Royal Enfield from India up to Nepal. After a track day in Europe, he dropped into say hello to a Dutch girl he’d met in Thailand. And the rest is history.


Moniek loves exploring different cultures by motorcycle
Rick was born to ride
Rick trained as a superbike racer
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