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Guided tours

Dream rides for everyone

Escape the crowds, travel in style, and discover a different Nepal. Get off the beaten track on majestic mountain passes to incredible destinations. Experience rollercoaster roads where speed is measured in corners per minute, rather than kilometres per hour. Find tea and warm welcomes in remote villages, and photo opportunities around every corner. Our guided tours on classic Royal Enfield bikes guarantee a unique experience of this amazing country.

Our local knowledge and touring experience prepares you for the ride. We personally guide every trip, taking care of bikes, hotels, mechanic support and all the practical stuff so that you can enjoy the journey of a lifetime. You can choose from 3 types of tour:

  • Scheduled “zero to hero” tours for beginners - learn to ride, and explore Nepal on an 9-day bike adventure.
  • Scheduled “vertigo” tours for experienced riders - explore high altitude roads and remote destinations on a 10-day Royal Enfield expedition.
  • Private tours– design your own motorcycle adventure

Zero to hero tours

We offer the world’s most thrilling introduction to motorcycling. Learn to ride safely to a very high standard, experience the legendary Royal Enfield, and join us for an epic guided tour of central Nepal. From zero to hero in 9 days, this bike adventure will alter your perspective on travel – and maybe on life itself.

No previous motorcycle experience is needed as we provide all the necessary training and organisation. (Licensed riders are welcome to co-ride with a novice partner). This is an extraordinary proposition for extraordinary people who typically have:

  • Balance on 2 wheels – the confidence and stability to ride a bicycle
  • Traffic skills – the awareness to ride a bicycle through their home town
  • Co-ordination – balance and reflexes from any sporting discipline
  • Dedication – the stamina to meet 8 days of continuous challenges
  • Flexibility – the attitude to go with the flow
  • A sense of adventure – the passion for travel and exploration

Most of society would say this can’t be done, and it raises the eyebrows of even the most experienced riders. It’s not about impressing the sceptics, but the sense of achievement is overwhelming. 4 Days of intensive training and preparation get you ready you for 5 days of jaw-dropping roads to amazing destinations including Bandipur, Tansen and the jungle of Chitwan National Park.

Vertigo tours

Twice a year, we organise a 10-day “vertigo” tour for small groups of experienced riders. The challenging itinerary showcases the very best Nepal has to offer. Immersed in the culture and nature, dizzying Himalayan routes have been specifically chosen to give skilled riders the ultimate Royal Enfield experience.

Riders must have a full bike license and extensive experience. You should be comfortable with varied terrain and loose surfaces. Riding at different altitudes, there may be big changes in weather conditions and temperatures. Stamina and concentration are needed to ride 6-8 hours a day, hopefully with some energy in reserve.

We share essential traffic skills for Nepal, cornering techniques for high mountain passes, and a riding style to maximise your enjoyment of the Bullet. Searching out popular destinations and some little-known gems of Nepal, we venture into remote areas where few foreigners ever go: Bandipur, a village trapped in time; Daman, with panoramic Everest views; mud-hut communities in Chitwan National Park; and Tamghas, way out in the distant hills.

Private tours

Create your perfect tour with routes and destinations of your choice. Cruise through lush valleys, or scratch your foot-pegs on high altitude rollercoaster roads. Indulge your personal interests, whether it’s the rich culture, incredible nature, exotic wildlife, or just pure motorcycle thrills. Choose your favourite bike, set your own pace, and stop for photos or a cup of tea with your friends whenever it feels good.

Use our local knowledge and years of experience to design your ride, and perhaps combine it with other exciting activities. Everything is possible, and we make the organisation easy. Each journey is truly unique and gives a wonderful, very personal experience of Nepal.

Anyone can do it! We create exhilarating tours for complete beginners to highly experienced riders; individuals, couples, or small groups. Training and preparation for a tour takes 2-3 days, depending on your current abilities. New riders can start with our Level 1 lesson. More experienced riders will pick up essential skills on Level 2 to prepare for our 1-day Bullet experience. You can then choose your favourite Royal Enfield, and get packing for the ride of your life.

Useful information for riders

Prepare yourself for the road ahead with our practical tips and useful information. It’s not just guided tours; anyone riding a Bullet in Nepal might want to find out why:

  • a rickshaw is better than a Royal Enfield in Kathmandu
  • getting to Pokhara can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 7 hours
  • climbing the steepest country on earth pushes a vintage bike to the limit
  • driving in Nepal is a team sport, and blockading the road is a national pastime
  • fake branded clothing is all the fashion
  • the best restaurants don’t have a menu
  • real men don’t use a razor, and elegant ladies piss in the jungle
  • international development stops development

Non-Bullet activities

Nepal offers a wide range of other activities that you may wish to combine with your tour. Here, we provide useful information about all kinds of interesting and exciting excursions. Find out:

  • how much it costs to rent an elephant and barbecue cheese in the jungle
  • reasons to pay a guy to carry your bags in the mountains
  • why you’ll see stars after jumping into a raging river
  • how to jump off a mountain ridge and feed a vulture in mid-flight
  • where to get a nice cold beer in the middle of a lake
  • why a light aircraft is perfect for downhill mountain biking
  • where to meet a Gurkha soldier to get an original kukhuri knife

Riders' comments

Clients from all over the world, with a wide range of motorcycling backgrounds, come to us for the ride of their lives. New riders, starting from zero, have trained for a big trip into the wilderness. Hardcore riders have found themselves breathless on challenging routes. Everyone has been in awe of the incredible culture, nature and architecture that Nepal has to offer. Read their stories and comments here.

Prices & booking

Type of tour Dates Number of days Training included Number of riders Price per rider
Zero to hero (beginners) 10 - 18 Oct 2011 9 Yes 4-6 €1200
Vertigo (experienced) 18 - 27 April 2011 10 Yes 4-6 €1650
Private (individuals) Anytime 2+ No 1 €250/day
Private (small groups) Anytime 2+ No 2-4 €220/day


Prices include your bike, guide, petrol, insurance, safety kit, accommodation outside Pokhara, lunch and drinks on the road. Breakfast, evening meals and entertainment, and any extra activities are at your cost.

For scheduled tours, all training is included. For private tours, riders must pay for the appropriate training before setting off. Beginners start with Level 1; experienced riders should complete Level 2 and the 1-day Bullet experience.


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