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Welcome to our garage

The Hearts & Tears garage is open to everyone. We specialise in the legendary Royal Enfield Bullet. Take a look at our bikes, discover their fascinating history, and find out what makes them so special.

Customers love our retro-styled Yamaha RX bikes too. See how (and why) we build them, and what makes them so much fun to ride.

Our unique motorcycles are available for fun & adventure in Nepal. Famed for their quality and elegance of design, they’re prepared by experts, and backed up by unmatched service & support.

We design and build all our bikes in Nepal, a poor country with very limited technology. We’ll show you how it’s done, and give you the opportunity to build a custom bike with us.

Royal Enfield Bullet

The Royal Enfield is a very special motorcycle. Its gorgeous, era-defining looks make people stop, stare, and take photos. The engine feels alive as it thumps beneath you. It’s got attitude, character, and an instantly recognisable sound. It’s pure nostalgia. Our 350cc and 500cc bikes are based on the 1955-designed “classic” model. Every one is uniquely re-built with passion, and maintained to the highest standards.

The Bullet is a stark contrast to modern mass produced, precision engineered motorcycles. Every one is an individual, with a real personality and temperament. No two bikes look, sound or feel the same. Maintenance is a constant process and, on the road, you develop a mutual understanding. This special relationship inspired our brand. Take a look at a Bullet from the right side. The engine’s shaped like a heart, the petrol tank like a tear-drop. You love her most of the time, but cry sometimes; Hearts & Tears.

It takes a while to adjust to the Bullet. Kick-starting is sweaty until you have the knack. The suspension shakes your bones more than it soaks up the bumps. Foot controls are reversed; the gears on the right and upside-down (1-up, 3-down), and the back brake is at your left foot. Oh, and there’s virtually no front brake.

The Royal Enfield responds to an unusual riding style. We’ll show you how. Get it right, and it is enormously rewarding. You will be surprised what the Bullet is capable of. Many riders, even with exotic bikes at home, have described their Royal Enfield experience as the highlight of their biking career. Welcome to the strange, beautiful world of the Royal Enfield.

Did you know that Royal Enfield is the longest surviving motorcycle brand in the world? Back in the day, it was at the forefront of technical innovation. Read more about the fascinating history of this legendary bike.

Yamaha RX

Much as we love the Royal Enfield, we needed an alternative for our lessons and guided tours. The new local bikes didn’t excite us so we decided to build our own, based on one of Asia’s most common family bikes – the Yamaha RX. With our build quality and retro-styling, they get a lot of attention from the locals.

Small, light and forgiving, our Yamaha RX bikes inspire confidence and control in new riders. Our Level 2 lessons develop techniques to take the turns turn faster, safer and smoother. With limited power, but crisp throttle response and sharp handling, our RX bikes bring out the best in riders.

They’re great for touring, too. The featherweight 2-stroke can keep up with a 500cc Bullet on a twisty mountain road. It’s 50% down on power but 50% lighter too, so acceleration and top speed are similar. It’s a laugh a minute. We make them so strong that people have ridden them from Nepal to Europe! See the ride home on a Yamaha RX section for more information, or read more about this small but serious bike here.

Nepali Chopper

Maybe you’ve seen “American Chopper” on the television? Welcome to Nepali Chopper! Nepal is one of the poorest countries on earth, so building custom bikes has its challenges. Local skills are extremely limited. We can’t paint during the summer rains, and there’s no electricity in winter. There are no proper tools, never mind manufacturing technology. Parts are hard to find, so many things have to be made from scratch. It takes a lot of time and effort, but we are very proud of the results.

We are setting new standards, creating jobs and opportunities, transferring skills, and contributing to the local economy. We love all motorcycles, but there’s something special about riding a unique machine. That’s why we build custom bikes to order for clients. Whether it’s a chopper style Bullet, or a Yamaha to ride round the world, we can help.

The process begins with finding a donor bike. We develop the overall concept and design objectives, drawing inspiration from magazines, websites, photos and other motorcycles. Then we work out the detailed technical specification, budget and timescales. Custom bikes usually take 2-3 months to complete. If riding a true 1-off excites you, please contact us to discuss your design ideas.


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