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Ride a Royal Enfield

Specialised training

“I learnt so much, despite having had a bike licence for 20 years!” said Stephen (UK). “I now feel so much confident with taking corners. I recommend Level 2 to anyone; particularly riders who haven’t had any specialised or formal training.”

“Thanks to excellent tuition, I was riding and smiling in no time” wrote Kiev. Along with his American friend Adam, they rode 4 days around Nepal. “The journey was as good as getting to the destination! Great time, I really didn’t want to give the bike back.”

Harry also had good things to say. “What a great teacher, the man knows his stuff and can pass it on. Thanks for the knowledge. Never thought I’d be riding a classic Enfield around Nepal. Hearts & Tears made it easy, and made sure I had a great time. Thanks for the memories!”

Bikes made with passion

Bruno is a classic bike enthusiast in France. “I have realised my dream of riding a Royal Enfield, a mythical and fabulous motorcycle. The bikes are great, and you can see they’re made with passion.”

David, who races an Aprilia RS250 at home in the USA, rented a Royal Enfield for a long 2-day ride. Although the technology is 50 years behind his Italian Grand Prix bike, he appreciated how we set up our Bullets. “Thanks for the memorable experience. The Enfield was by far the best and worst bike I have ever ridden, and I loved every second!”

“Amazing experience” wrote Andrew from Canada, “so much character and so fun once you get to know her”. “I had a fantastic time” agreed Jean-Denis, a classic Ducati fanatic from France “a machine of character for people of character”.

Stephen fell in love with the Bullet. “I had a fantastic 3 days with a sweet 1977 model with a very appropriate name of Honey! She ran like a dream, was wonderful stable and forgiving, and an absolute joy to ride. Great bikes, great service”.

A dream comes true

“An experience never to be forgotten” said Stuart (UK) of his 6-day ride around the country. “A fantastic ride on an old antique, the bike was brilliant. The roads and scenery never fail to impress.” “Never thought I would be riding a classic in such a great place” smiled Andy from the UK. “The best days on a bike ever, fantastic value for money too."

“The roads and the route combined to make the most incredible ride I have ever had” said Alex (UK) of his 4-day adventure. “The guys at Hearts & Tears made everything very easy and provided maximum experience in planning and devising the trip. I am really just lost for words. It has fulfilled my dream.”

Great help with no bullshit

Joni from Finland set off on an epic 12-day ride. Half way through, he plunged into a deep hole in the road and buckled his front wheel. We replaced the broken parts quickly and cheaply. “Great bike, great help and great times” he said. “No matter what problems I got myself into, a phone call to you guys sorted everything, couldn’t have done it without you; wouldn’t have done it.” Urs from Switzerland also appreciated our no-nonsense approach. “Very helpful, reasonable, accommodating, and with no bullshit” he wrote. “What a nice surprise.”


?I really didn?t want to give the bike back? ? Kiev, UK
?I loved every second!? ? David, USA
?The most incredible ride ever. I am lost for words? ? Alex, UK
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