setstats Mechanics lesson - Hearts & Tears

What you'll learn

Learn how motorcycles work. See how the different parts function in harmony, and why they sometimes fail. Strip a bike, take a closer look at the components, and discover why the Bullet was so revolutionary in its day.

Buying a Royal Enfield? Learn how to spot a good one. Preventative maintenance and regular servicing are critical. Identify common problems and fix things before they break. Develop a routine of daily checks and weekly inspections. And find ways to improve your bike and increase its value.

Our lesson gives peace of mind. Study our tools and spares, and design your own repair kit. Learn how to fix all the common stuff. When things go wrong, a simple road-side repair gives a wonderful feeling of independence and achievement. A little technical understanding earns respect from mechanics, and could save a small fortune!

This is not a lecture; it’s a hands-on lesson with the support of our mechanic. The day is yours; we’ll focus on areas of particular interest, and answer all your questions. If you own a Royal Enfield, feel free to work on it. Don’t forget your camera and notepad!


?Very interesting? ? Jean-Yves, France
?Well taught. The skills will stay with you forever? ? Ross, UK
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