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Why men crash

Years ago, we rented our Bullets to anyone who seemed qualified. Unfortunately, some clients had accidents. There were no injuries, but several broken bikes and broken dreams. We looked at the data to identify the high risk riders. The results were crystal clear, but very surprising. The people most likely to have an accident were men over 25 years old, with a full motorcycle license, years of experience, and a nice bike at home.

At the other extreme, the lowest risk riders were girls who had never touched a motorcycle before, taken lessons with us, and then ridden around the country. Zero crashes; and no repairs needed. (Well done, girls; take note, boys!). How do we explain these bizarre but undeniable facts? Obviously our lessons work, but there are other factors involved. It’s about men, license standards, Bullets and Nepal.
Boys will be boys, and many ignore our advice. They go too fast, too soon, and don’t give themselves time to tune-in to all the crazy stuff that goes on around here. Another big problem is that license standards and riding ability vary massively from country to country. We have been shocked by the frightening lack of skill shown by some “qualified” riders, especially when it comes to the corners.

The Bullet’s foot controls are in the wrong place, and things just don’t work as effectively as on modern bikes. It’s what makes them so much fun, but it takes a little time to adjust. Zero riding experience can actually be an advantage! Nepal’s spectacular roads are challenging, even for experienced riders. The traffic system and driving culture are very different to other countries, too. It’s a risky mix of factors.

Our training policy

We are very proud of our safety record, and plan to keep it that way. Our training greatly reduces the risks. Level 2 is all about taking the turns properly, and is essential for riders without a motorcycle license. It is highly recommended for licensed riders, too. You are more likely to be offered the keys to our garage; it reduces your chances of an accident by 90%; and it guarantees more enjoyment from the Bullet.

The 1-day Bullet Experience is the starting point for anyone who wants to head off on a rental or sale & buy-back bike. It’s the best possible introduction to riding a Royal Enfield, and a fabulous day out. It also gives riders the chance to show that they’ll take care of themselves and our bikes.

Our training policy ensures that every rider is up to an excellent standard, no matter what their nationality, license or previous experience. And our bikes suffer less, too. It means we can provide insurance as standard, and keep our prices down for all our customers.


Training reduces the risks on challenging roads
The best riders ? fact!
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