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It changed my life

“We never had any intention of buying a motorcycle” Sharif remembers of their overland journey from England. “But after 9 months of travel I didn’t want to spend any more time in a bus. Just out of curiosity, we paid Heart and Tears a visit. We saw a bike and fell in love with it. The Bullet looked enormous. I've been driving for 16 years and hired small scooters, but I seriously doubted my ability to handle such a heavy-looking machine. But I was already imagining how free it would feel.

We were full of questions, but Rick and Moniek answered everything and all our doubts were gradually put to rest. We agreed a very fair price for the bike - even on our tight budget. I took the Level 2 lesson to aid safer riding. This wonderful tuition was so valuable and enjoyable. I learned so much, and shudder to think how I used to approach corners! It totally transformed my riding on mountain roads. I had always felt a little uncertain before, but I now ride with much more confidence and enjoyment. I also had a mechanics lesson to learn basic, but essential, roadside maintenance and repairs.

We loaded our backpacks on to our beautiful Enfield. Rick and Moniek came to wave us off on the most amazing journey of our lives. Rick said it would change my life. He was absolutely right. We rode across stunning mountain roads, down to the Terai, across beautiful west Nepal, and into north India. The freedom, the things we've seen, people we've met. We're now utterly obsessed and can't bear the thought of being without our Enfield!

Rick & Moniek make dreams come true for people who have very little previous experience. Their passion for these bikes is contagious. Again and again they’ve gone out of their way to help, and make sure we were properly prepared for this adventure. We are both so very, deeply grateful. They really are the perfect people to make a Royal Enfield road trip dream a reality. Fun and professional with heaps of experience – I can’t recommend them enough.”

Bangladesh express

Mikey is a published travel writer who lives in Bangladesh with his girlfriend, Bel. With no previous motorcycle experience, they bought a Royal Enfield for the long ride home. “Buying a bike for a 3-country journey was such a huge decision for me. It is changing the way I travel and, for now, how I live my life. The guidance and knowledge of Hearts & Tears made this possible; and for that I’m eternally grateful. I’m glad to see people living their dreams, chasing them around the planet on motorbikes. If you come to Pokhara, take a course, try a bike, and go out on the open road. It’s real adventure, with an amazing level of safety.”

Laughing in Ladakh

Nick & Will had never ridden before, but planned to take two Royal Enfield bikes from Nepal up into the mountains of Ladakh. “We were pretty apprehensive” said Will. “The enthusiasm was there, and we knew that Enfields would make the trip unique, but we had no notion of what we were undertaking”. They came to us for advice. Budgets were tight, so they asked how best to spend their money. We strongly recommended that they take riding lessons, and buy cheaper bikes if necessary. They thought this was sensible.

With Level 1, they suddenly realised the importance of having the right skills. “It's scary to think what would have happened without this training. We were previously so misguided. There’s so much to cover. There are ten thousand variable elements on the road.” They bought a pair of gorgeous Bullets, and proudly took Level 2. “These lessons brought us from A-Z. We feel comfortable through every turn, and prepared for a long adventure. We're thrilled and excited at the prospect of honing our skills over the next couple months. It is a testament to Hearts & Tears’ passion and dedication to Royal Enfields, and their ability to teach.”

They sent us an email from somewhere in Ladakh. “The bikes are riding beautifully. It's hard not to laugh when we think of our old approach to this adventure. We could not have hoped to do it safely and in such good style without your help. Thanks again.”

Dutch courage

Hannah bought a beautiful black Bullet, and described her ride up to Nepal as “one of the most awesome things I did in my life”. Our sales agent service enabled her to squeeze in as much riding as possible before catching the plane home. Her bike has gone to a new owner, but the memories will stay for ever. “It was quite an adventure travelling by myself as a woman; the intrigued locals, mind-blowing traffic and breathtaking views” she said on her last day. For Hannah, the Royal Enfield was “a fantastic way to experience these transfixing countries!”


?A life-change? ? Mikey, Bangladesh
?Passion and dedication? ? Nick & Will, USA
?Quite an adventure? ? Hannah, The Netherlands
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