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Guided tours

A jealous husband

Frank is a highly experienced Australian rider who loves carving up the bends. His wife, Margi, was complete beginner who wanted to ride out into the wilderness. We knew some perfect roads. So we trained Margi with all the necessary skills, and headed out into the hills.

“If I had known about that road before setting off, I don’t think I would have attempted it!” laughed Margi. “But, thanks to your fantastic instruction, I not only made it there & back, but thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel like I already have so much experience!” When they left, Margi had that look in her eye. “I will definitely be getting into biking at home” she promised.

Two months later, we received a fantastic email. “Big news here, I went for my bike license a few weeks ago and I am now the proud owner of a brand new Royal Enfield!  Frank & I had a great ride along the bay, and my baby certainly attracts attention! I’m in love and Frank is incredibly jealous. Thanks for inspiring me and giving me the confidence to keep it up.” Go Margi!

Not for the feint hearted!

Fad & Rahman ride big bikes in Singapore. They’d heard great things about the Royal Enfield, and wanted a hardcore 3-day experience (be careful what you wish for, boys!) They took our Level 2 training to prepare for the insane ride ahead. “The Level 2 tips are very valuable, but the opposite of what we have been taught before” said Fad. The skills really work. “Just like Rick said: stay on the line; slow in, fast out; and you will be amazed at what a humble Bullet can do” agreed Rahman.

We know a twisty, beautiful road with deep gorges, spectacular scenery, and very little traffic. It’s an experienced riders’ dream. “Warning - not for the feint hearted!” was their assessment. “What an amazing ride!” they said back in Pokhara. “We just don’t want it to end. Nepal is a beautiful place. We had an amazing ride! Thanks for making this our best biking adventure ever! We will definitely spread the word. You guys rock!”

Audrey Hepburn looks

Bruno lives in London with his Yamaha 600. He had been dreaming of riding a Royal Enfield for years, and was interested in the traditional culture and architecture of Nepal. Sarah, who rides a top of the range BMW 1200, is a nature lover. They wanted variety in their Royal Enfield experience, so we designed a tour taking in high mountain passes, historic towns, the flatlands and jungle of the Terai, and breathtaking gorges.

Mid-way through the ride, we heard of a looming nationwide strike (it happens sometimes). So we juggled the plans. We organised special animal spotting activities in Chitwan, and even spent a night in a traditional mud-hut village.

Sarah rode Honey, a cream coloured vintage 350cc with “Audrey Hepburn looks”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. “It is a fabulous opportunity to ride a classic bike in such a diverse country” wrote Sarah. “It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you for letting me live the dream!” Despite getting very wet riding through a river, Bruno was just as enthusiastic. “Fantastic! The dream came true, and it was even better in reality!”

Compression session

Mikael rides a spiced-up Kawasaki Z750 in Denmark. He dropped by our shop, saw the bikes, and changed his plans for Nepal. He chose a chrome & black 350cc classic for a 5-day tour. The evening before departure, Rick had suspicions about the bike’s compression for such an arduous trip. So he offered a freshly-built trials style bike as an alternative. Mikael loved it more than his original choice.

Bandipur is a little-known gem of Nepal. Mikael was a keen photographer, so we thought he would find plenty of picture opportunities there. “I had a great time all the way through, but this is one of the best cities in all Nepal” he said, “the culture and people - you should go!”

“Thanks for my best bike experience!” he wrote at the end of the tour. “The natural scenery is breathtaking”. Being an experienced rider, we saved him a special stretch of tarmac for the last day. “That is the best road I have ever driven! Thank you so much!”

Freedom is priceless

Trev rides an Aprilia RSV-R at home, and is track day fanatic. Corners excite him. “We took one of the most awesome roads ever. I don't think there was one straight bit on it all day!” he said “and the views were fabulous!” Janice, a globe-trotting air hostess, described Bandipur as “an absolute must do” and said “Tansen has one of the most original restaurants we have ever been to”. Not what most people expect in Nepal.

“Rick took my girlfriend pillion for the whole trip” while Trev had fun scraping the toes of his boots. “A great balance of professionalism and good fun” was his summary of our organisation “they coped with everything we threw at them admirably - even a snapped chain! “The ride was awesome and the highlight of our trip to Nepal. You get to see a whole different side to the country on a bike. The freedom it opens up is priceless. If you want to do something unique, then give Hearts and Tears a go. It's unbelievable value for money.”

Mon dieu! A rhino!

Bart had never ridden a bike before, but Cedric was a sideways sliding supermoto rider. They rounded up some friends for a tour. We organised the appropriate training for each rider, and set off on a 9-bike trip around central Nepal. “I never thought it was possible” wrote Bart “I learned to ride on the roads of Nepal. I’ve been in the jungle, through rivers, and across the path of a rhino!”

Our tours have a completely unique feel. We live here, and can respond to the individual needs of our clients. Bart summed it up nicely; “It was an incredible adventure for all of us. Their knowledge of Nepal and its roads was perfect. They were able to improvise each day according to the riding conditions and the mood of the moment”.

Home-stay in a mud hut

Our tours promise a unique experience for riders of all abilities. Doug was an ex-motocross champion in Australia. His Swedish girlfriend, Sarah, was new to riding.  Doug rode a Bullet, while Sarah wanted the simplicity of a standard bike for their 5-day tour. Doug was obviously at ease on any bike, and enjoyed our laid-back touring style. “The Hearts & Tears crew made us feel right at home” he said. “The organisation was great and the atmosphere relaxed.”

We arranged a home stay in a Tharu village to show them a slice of typical life in Chitwan. “The trip into the jungle, staying with a traditional local family, was amazing. Absolutely unforgettable.” commented Sarah. “There's no better way to see Nepal.  We'd recommend a tour with these guys to anyone!”


Frank & Margi in awe of the Himalayas
?That is the best road I have ever driven!? ? Mikael, Denmark
?See a whole different side to the country? ? Trev, UK
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