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Guided tours

Jungle safari

Many routes around Nepal can include a stop-over in the Chitwan or Bardia national parks. If you have 1 day in the park, we recommend a morning of your chosen jungle activities followed by a ride around the local villages. We can organise activities in advance, or when we arrive. You pay for them directly at the prevailing rates.

Just for illustration, a 2-hour elephant ride is around €10; a half-day jeep safari about €10; animal spotting from a dug-out canoe €5; a jungle walk with a nature guide €20; and the very popular elephant bath €3. If you go into the reserves, you will need a 1-day park permit which costs about €10 and is valid for multiple activities.

If you have more time, or a special interest in nature, there are many other options. For example, we know excellent local ornithologists; we can sleep over in a jungle watchtower; or even stay with a local family.

Our favourite way to relax after a long ride is with a barbecue by the river for sunset. With advance notice, the boys will catch us a river fish. Sometimes we can arrange wild boar. Ducks and chickens are easy to find. For the vegetarians, barbecued paneer (Indian cottage cheese) sounds weird, but is absolutely delicious. Depending on the menu, the barbecue costs around €10 per person.


Trekking is the biggest tourist activity for Nepal. There aren’t enough superlatives for the Himalayas. It’s an incredible experience and can be organised very easily. Trekking permits cost about €25, regardless of how many days you stay in the mountains. There are different permits depending on whether you go alone or with a guide.

If you’re staying at low altitude on the major trails you can just buy a map and wander around. If you’re going above 3000m we strongly recommend you take a guide or porter. The weather can close in very quickly, and it can be extremely worrying – even with a trusted local expert. He’ll cost around €20 per day including expenses.

A taxi to the start of the trails costs from €8 to €20 and takes 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your drop-in point. On the popular trekking routes, you will find lodges every hour. They are basic, but very friendly places and you’re sure to find good food. Take a sleeping bag and plenty of layers of warm clothes. It can get really cold up there. If you don’t have what you need already, you buy it cheaply and easily in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Feel free to ask us for any advice you need on trekking. We can organise permits and a guide or porter for you if you prefer.

Rafting & kayaking

Nepal’s rivers offer world-class white water rafting thrills. Graded from mild to extreme, there’s something for everyone. On top of the adrenaline rush, it’s also a great way to get a different perspective of the country.

There’s a wide choice of operators in both Kathmandu and Pokhara. Trips run on different rivers every day. Some are half-day fun rides; others are 2 week expeditions. The 3 or 4 day trips are very popular, with nights spent next to the river under the stars, using your raft as a tent. We can recommend excellent operators, or book a trip on your behalf. Let us know if you need any information or advice.


ParaglidingPokhara, with its magnificent views and predictable weather, is one of the world’s best paragliding locations. Using a “wing” that looks similar to a parachute, thermal air currents lift the pilot and passenger off a 1600m ridge. Sat in a comfortable harness, you fly over the hills above Pokhara with incredible views of the Annapurna mountain range. The pilot will pull various stomach-churning stunts on request. Different flights are available. We can book a flight to fit in with your motorcycle tour.


Scott Mason, a UK falconry expert, rescues birds of prey in Nepal. Unable to return to the wild, the birds are trained in traditional hunting techniques. Scott has combined these ancient skills with the relatively new sport of paragliding to offer a unique and very special experience high above the lake – Parahawking. Flying with the birds in their own environment, they’ll guide you to thermal currents and even land on your leather glove as you spiral above the hills!

Star Cruise

Star Cruise is a floating bar which pedal-paddles around Fewa Lake, with the incredible Annapurna mountain range as a back-drop. Sight-seeing cruises are available with breakfast or lunch included. Or you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy ice cold summer drinks and chilled out music. It’s a great way to spend a few hours. We can reserve a table for you.

Mountain biking

Decent quality mountain bikes are available for rent in Pokhara. Ride alone, or take one of the local guides to show you the best trails. Long-distance organised rides are also possible. Plus there’s the option to fly-up into the mountains, with superb downhill tracks on the way back. We can make bookings for you with the best bicycle companies.


There’s plenty to see in Nepal. 1-hour flights around Mt. Everest leave regularly from Kathmandu. The Gurkha museum in Pokhara gives a fascinating history of the Nepali soldiers who have been fighting for the British Army for the best part of 200 years. They have earned a fearsome reputation as the bravest and most loyal warriors in the world. Their curved-blade kukhuri knives are a national symbol of Nepal, and make a great souvenir.

The World Peace Pagoda is a Buddhist temple perched on a high southern ridge above Fewa Lake. Many of the souvenir panoramic photographs of the Annapurna range are shot from this beautiful location. You can take a small boat across the lake, and walk up in about 40 minutes. Or you go a different route by taxi that brings you closer to the top.

Sarangkot is a village with a handful of hotels nestled on a 1600m ridge to the north of the lake. Walk up, or take a taxi, in the evening for sunset and even better mountain views the following morning. Devi’s Falls is a gushing torrent of water that has carved a smooth path through the rocks below Pokhara over millennia. It leads onto the Mahendra caves, a Hindu temple, which can be reached by a long, damp staircase.

The real beauty of Pokhara is the landscape that surrounds the city. A 10 minute ride, in any direction, and you’re into the real Nepal. With typical villages and stunning views, the best way to travel is by motorcycle – and we’ve got plenty!


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